Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Mystery of the Desert

For those of you who thought the ancient Greek riddle was easy, let's see if you can figure this one out.

Recently, people and satellites have reported a series of strange structures that have just been created in the deserts of China. Similar to "crop circles", these structures do not even resemble anything that has ever been built. Some are tangles of white lines that can be seen from far, far away. Others are enormous structures, about a square mile, that protrude from Earth's surface. So, what are these works of art, and what are they being used for? To read more, visit The Huffington Post.
The mystery does not stop there, however. A former CIA analyst has just discovered that some unnamed person or group has spent millions of dollars over the past seven years to direct a Google Earth satellite to take hundreds of photos of that particular section of the Chinese desert. Why was someone interested in the desert before the structures appeared? Is there something "special" about that particular area? Will the reason for these designs ever be uncovered? It's a Mystery!

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